Inn House Bogota

High quality for a memorable stay

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  • Meeting rooms with all you need

  • Entertainment rooms with HD TV

  • Common spaces with couchs and study tables  

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Meeting room - 4p
Natural and artificial. Nice and comfortable Inn House style
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INN HOUSE offers two types of rooms for your choice:

  • Individual room with its own bathroom.   It has bed, HD TV, Table, Closet, safety box

  • Individual room with no bathroom inside.   Club style bathrooms to your service.  Room has HD TV, bed, table, closet, safety box

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Gold and silver room
It has its own bathroom. Fully equiped
Modern shower bath
High technology and comfort
Built-in closet and bathroom
Safey box
Safety and convenience
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Zona Park Way, Teusaquillo,
Bogotá, Colombia  |  (315)3031252 - (314)4441215